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Watoto Unity Foundation believes, that every member of the community has got a special purpose and a plan from God. But not all people have been able to live in a full purpose of God, and some cannot even discover what is God’s purpose and plan in their lives. Still there are some who have discovered, but cannot achieve it.

Our Vision

A community with a free mind well educated, healthier and strong economy.

Our Mission

To create a community where every individual has access to quality education,  healthier nutrition and effective training, empowering them to reach their full potential and lead to fulfilling lives.

Our Motto

Our Motto is simply “Belonging and identity for all”.


How to Support Us

We welcome everyone to support us through our various programs that have been established to empower and equip the community. Our emphasis is on education and teaching necessary skills and knowledge through our foundation.


Make a Difference to the Community!

We welcome everyone to volunteer and change the lives of children, the elderly and the most needy group in the community. You can contact us directly and specify what you intend to offer or are willing to do to impact a life.


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    You can find us on our social pages and start interacting with your friends and family right away.

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